This week, James agreed to a two-year, $97 million contract extension with the Lakers, bringing his total career earnings to more than $500 million. And given how James is currently performing, it's not unlikely that he will sign another significant contract after that.

LeBron James

$387.3 million

Paul hasn't shown any symptoms of slowing down, as he led the NBA in assists last year, his 17th in the league, despite taking less than the maximum contract last summer to stay with Phoenix.

Chris Paul

$330.7 million

The $194 million extension Durant signed last summer begins this year, but he has asked the Nets for a move.

Kevin Durant

$306.1 million

Westbrook, whose contract is up this year, will earn $44 million this year. However, due to his declining play, his contract has become an albatross and is essentially impossible to trade.

Russell Westbrook

$288.5 million

This off-season, Harden signed with the 76ers at a significant discount, possibly as a result of a disappointing year in 2021–2022. But it also assisted the Sixers in assembling a strong team that ought to contend for a championship the following spring.

James Harden

$268.6 million

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