Scottie Pippen From Humble Beginnings to NBA Superstar

Scottie Pippen is considered a basketball legend. His rise to fame was difficult. Pippen grew up in a tiny community in rural Arkansas with 11 siblings. Pippen was cut from his high school squad as a sophomore despite loving basketball. 

He persevered and earned a scholarship to play at Central Arkansas University. Seattle SuperSonics drafted Pippen 5th overall in 1987. He was promptly traded to the Chicago Bulls, where he spent much of his career.

After struggling to fit in, Pippen became a powerful force alongside Michael Jordan. In the 1990s, they guided the Bulls to six NBA titles, making them one of the greatest NBA duos.

PPippen has many personal issues despite his basketball achievements. He suffered from injuries, finances, and team and coach relationships. He worked hard and focused on the game despite these challenges.

Pippen won gold medals with the 1992 and 1996 Olympic squads. Pippen persevered and excelled. He persevered to become one of the NBA's finest players.